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In context of the culture festival Ugress, Litterært Kollektiv and punktet visningsrom for kunst invites young artists with ties to Trondheim to work with the two remaining telephone booths. The telephone booths will contain an art project each, as well as a telephone poetry concept. punktets overall theme is art and place, but in the telephone booth exhibition we also wish to highlight communication. You can apply for one or both booths, and you can apply with all types of art forms, individually or in groups.

  • Exhibition Period 06.09-30.09 in connection with the culture festival Ugress
  • Deadline August 13th
  • Exhibition Period 06.09-30.09 in connection with the culture festival Ugress
  • Artist fee 7500 NOK

    To qualify as an applicant we require that you have a connection to Trondheim, and that you are either under education or have completed your education within the last 6 years.

  • Application requirements:
  • A description of the planned project with a clear focus on your vision of artwork in relation to location
  • Photographs of your recent work
  • Equipment required for execution of your project
  • Specifications on which of the telephone booths (or both) you would prefer for your exhibition, again focusing on the idea of artistic expression and location
  • Mail your application to visningsrom.punktet@gmail.com by the end of August 13th 2017.

    Please make sure the pictures are formatted as .jpeg and text files .pdf, .doc or .docx. If the jury has any questions regarding a project the applicant will be contacted for further inquiries. Details regarding the exhibitions will be discussed with all applicants well in advance before the exhibitions open. punktet aim to exhibit work of high quality and we are looking for completed project plans for both exhibitions. We will consider all forms and techniques of art projects, from individuals or group exhibitors. The applicant should be aware that the telephone booths are public and open 24/7, and the art projects will stand unattended most of the duration of the exhibition. The telephone booths are also protected by the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage, which entails that you can’t make any permanent or physical changes to the booths.


    punktet is run by art history students at NTNU for the purpose of combining art historical theory and practice. The project works with the theme «art and place» as it moves from site to site in Trondheim. punktet works with young artists based in Trondheim who receive financial support to set up the exhibition.

    Litterært Kollektiv is a volunteer organization, based in Trondheim. We promote culture and literature, and function as a place of assembly through different events and debates. Ugress is our annual festival. Throughout the festival we arrange discussion panels, literary projects and conversations, often in collaboration with other cultural participants and institutions.

    Exhibiton space info

    The characteristic red telephone booth is the result of an architectural competition held in 1932. The architect Georg Fredrik Fasting (1903-1987) won the competition the following year, with his contribution “Riks”. The red booth in iron and glass became an iconic sight in the Norwegian streetscape, with its simple and functionalistic design. At most there was approximately 6000 functioning telephone booths in Norway, but the number decreased with the increasing use of home telephones and later mobile phones. The “Riks” went out of production in 1995, and in 2007 the booths became protected by the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage and Telenor. In 2016 the remaining telephone booths went out of order, and stands today as reminders of earlier and more immobile telecommunication.