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Punktet is an exhibition space that uses different exhibition venues in Trondheim. It is run by current and former art history students at NTNU, with the intention of combining art history in theory and practice. The exhibitions are organized on a yearly basis, to visualize the relationship between art and space. Punktet works with young Trondheim-based artists, who receive financial support to execute their project.

It is our pleasure to announce this Open Call:

  • Deadline March 1st.
  • Exhibition Period 16.03-20.03.
  • Artist fee 10 000 NOK

    To qualify as an applicant we require that you have a connection to Trondheim, and that you are either under education or have completed your education too long ago.

  • Application requirements:
  • A description of the planned project with a clear focus on your vision of artwork in relation to location
  • CV and Photographs of your recent work
  • Equipment required for execution of your project
  • Mail your application to visningsrom.punktet@gmail.com by the end of March 1st 2017.

    If the jury is in doubt about the project, we will contact the applicant for information. A more detailed plan will be discussed with the artist in good time before the exhibition.

    We want to display high quality exhibitions and projects and want comprehensive projects. We are open to artistic projects of all kinds, both separate and group exhibitions. More detailed information about the premises, pictures and history can be found on our website punktetvisningsrom.no under the tab For Artists. Applications with attachments will be sent to visningsrom.punktet@gmail.com by March 1st.punktet is run by art history students at NTNU for the purpose of combining art historical theory and practice. The project works with the theme «art and place» as it moves from site to site in Trondheim. punktet works with young artists based in Trondheim who receive financial support to set up the exhibition.

    Exhibiton space info

    AKRON Gallery and Bakklandet

    AKRON Gallery is a small gallery located on Øvre Bakklandet. The gallery’s goal is mainly to promote local artists, but also from the rest of Norway and the world.

    Bakklandet is a small district in Trondheim, on the east side of Nidelva between the Bakke bridge and the Elgeseter bridge. The district was earlier Trondheim’s first suburb and didn’t become a part of Trondheim until 1846. In the 1960s Bakklandet was at risk of being demolished because of planning of a new road to the city center. Many, including students, protested and these plans were abandoned. In the 70s, the district was restored and Bakklandet is known today for its picturesque wooden buildings, as well as different café’s, restaurants, and bars. It is also one of the most visited parts of the city by tourists.